Statuario Maximus – Caesarstone Colour Range

Marble inspired design from Caesarstone

Statuario Maximus features warm grey veins broadly patterned across a soft white background. Sweeping pale veins are accentuated with deeper, darker streaks for an eye catching and traditional marbled look.

As the name suggests, Statuario Maximus is a large scale pattern. It’s suitable for grand, large furniture like dining or boardroom tables.  Perfect for entrance tables or front desks – where ever you want to make a big impression.

Reasons we love Statuario Maximus

  • Luxurious looks with easy maintenance
  • Makes a bold and beautiful impression
  • Classic colouring outlasts trends
  • Simply elegant and lasting looks

Cleaning your Statuario Maximus Caesarstone tables us easy!

The same easy-care maintenance for classic Caesarstone colours. Daily cleaning with a warm soapy water and a cloth will keep your Staturario Maximus table surface looking like new!



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