Raw Concrete Caesarstone Table Surface Colour

Raw, modern, industrial

Raw Concrete is one of Caesarstone’s most current and popular colours. It’s grey tone and matt appearance make it suitable for the modern industrial look.

A natural appearance with a distinctive cement-like texture give Raw Concrete a modern edge. Uniform colour with tiny tonal ‘flecks’ create a subtle style.

Caesarstone Raw Concrete will suit your custom made furniture if:

  • Your home is modern in style and tone
  • You have a neutral colour scheme
  • Your style is industrial, New York Loft or Natural
  • Blends well with black, greys, timber, leather and natural finishes

Cleaning your Raw Concrete Caeasarstone Furniture

Raw Concrete will show marks more easily than the polished finish on other Caesarstone designs. Marks are not permanent – its imply may require a little more regular cleaning. Again, cleaning is simple as a wipe down with warm soapy water, or choose from
Caesarstone’s range of Cleaning Products.

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