Empira White Caesarstone 5151

Another new addition to the Caesarstone Colour range for 2019 is Empira White 5151.

If you like the look of authentic marble but are worried about its staining and porous qualities, Caesarstone White Empira is the perfect choice for you.

The neutral tones of this stone will complement any decor in your home and blend in harmoniously with your interiors.

Imitating the dark veins of natural marble against a white background this sophisticated Caesarstone is the ideal choice for your custom made dining table from Moss Furniture.

With the ability to create 200mm, 400mm and 600mm profiles and extra large slabs we can create custom made tables that can seat up to 20 people. Boardroom tables are also available in Empira White Caesarstone.

Simply click here to find out more information or obtain a quote for Empira White Caesarstone custom made table at Moss Furniture.




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