Edge Outdoor Extendable Table

$12,908.00 inc GST


Luxury Outdoors

Danish design, the latest technology and versatile features. The Edge Dining table represents the finest in modern outdoor furniture.

This table includes two extension panels that allows it to extend to three different sizes.

The surface material is a High Pressure Laminate – or HPL. This unique surface is made from resin and paper, compressed at very high pressure to create this strong scratch-resistant surface that requires barely any maintenance.

This table can stay outdoors year round. The stainless steel base may require occasional protective oiling but is otherwise weather ready.

The Edge Dining Table Measures:

3 settings, (L x D x H)mm:

  • S1: 2100 x 1000 x 740
  • S2: 2700 x 1000 x 740
  • S3: 3300 x 1000 x 740
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