Entertainment and Wine Bars

Available Products

  • Moss Furniture, BDI Corridor wine bar - charcoal in situ

    BDI Corridor 5620 Wine Bar

    $4,270.00 inc GST
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  • Moss Furniture Crows Nest BDI Stockist

    BDI Corridor 7128 SV

    $2,995.00 inc GST
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  • Moss-Furniture BDI Stockist

    BDI USA Align Cabinet 7473

    $3,960.00 inc GST
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  • Moss-Furniture BDI USA Cosmo Bar with inbuilt light.

    Cosmo Bar BDI USA

    $5,500.00 inc GST
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  • Tech Mobile Outdoor Bar Table

    Tech Mobile Bar Table

    $1,605.00 inc GST
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