Custom Made Outdoor Tables & Indoor Furniture Sydney. Designed by Moss, made for you

Custom made outdoor tables and indoor furniture that matches the style and space of your home or workplace for an integrated look that is uniquely yours.

At Moss Furniture, custom made tables are our specialty.

Dining tables, bar tables, coffee, console and even boardroom tables - all can be made for indoor, outdoor commercial or residential use.

Our materials include Caesarstone, marble,  glass, timber, stainless steel and the latest ‘Neolith' porcelain surface. 

Getting started is easy!

If you have an idea about what you need - or even if you have no idea at all - the best way to start is to contact us here.

We'll guide you through the process and turn your ideas into a stunning piece of custom made furniture, perfect for you, perfect for your home or business.

Why Choose Moss for your Custom Made Furniture?

Custom made furniture should be enduring in design, lasting in quality, suited to purpose and styled to match your setting. Getting it right can be challenging - That’s why we offer a personal custom design service.

We work with you to choose materials, styles, colours and designs that suit the way you wish to use, locate and feature your custom made tables.

You will work with Moss Furniture Owner Lyn Fisher to create classic designs with lasting style.

Lyn's experience, material knowledge and attention to the custom process ensures you receive a premium quality, durable, elegant piece to make a lasting impression in your home or workplace.


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