Presenting the Moss Furniture Caesarstone® colour range

- With thanks to our good friends at Caesarstone® Australia. We simply love working with this amazing brand! Caesarstone® is at the forefront of global colour trends. That's why Moss Furniture custom-made tables are always contemporary, always in style. Our featured colours are:
  • Rugged Concrete
  • Statuario Nuvo
  • Pure White
  • Statuario Maximus
  • Raw Concrete
For tables over 2.4m or multiple pieces (eg. dining + coffee table, dining + console table), choose from the full range of Caesarstone colours below.

What's special about Caesarstone®?

Many people have heard of Caesarstone®, but few really know what it is. Caesarstone® is a semi-natural product made for lasting strength and beauty. It is superior to natural stone and other manufactured surfaces. Caesarstone® is made from up to 93% natural quartz, the balance being a mix of organic pigments and polymer resins. The result is exceptional properties including heat, scratch, stain and chip resistance. And of course, Caesarstone® surfaces are simply beautiful. Browse the colour range and contact us to create your custom made Caesarstone® table. Or Learn more about Caesarstone® here.

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Available Products

  • Moss-Furniture custom makes tables using Caesarstone Airy Concrete

    Airy Concrete – Caesarstone 2018 Colour

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  • Moss Furniture Black Tempal Caesarstone 5810

    Caesarstone Black Tempal (5810)

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  • Moss Furniture Outdoor Custom Made dining tables

    Caesarstone Clearskies Outdoor Collection 406

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  • Moss-Furniture Excava Dining Table with Tokyo base

    Caesarstone Excava

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  • Moss Furniture Custom Made Caesarstone Dining Table

    Caesarstone Midday Outdoor Collection 405

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  • Moss Furniture Crows Nest Custom made dining table

    Caesarstone Palm Shade Outdoor Collection 515

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  • Moss Furniture Caesarstone Calacatta Maximus Custom made Table

    Calacatta Maximus 5114

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  • Moss Furniture Sydney Caesarstone Outdoor Dining Table at Moss Furniture Sydney

    Ceasarstone Outdoor Dining Table in Clearskies

    $6,415.00 inc GST
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  • Chifley Dining Table in Primordia Caesarstone

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  • Moss Furniture Sydney custom made caesarstone dining table

    Empira White Caesarstone 5151

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  • Lulu Caesarstone Console Table – Ready to buy

    $1,330.00 inc GST
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  • Caesarstone Colour Options 2017 - Pure White

    Pure White – Caesarstone Colour Range

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  • Raw Concrete Caesarstone Table Surface Colour

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  • Caesarstone Colour Options 2017 - Rugged Concrete

    Rugged Concrete – Caesarstone Colour Range

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  • Caesarstone Colour Options 2017 - Statuario Maximus

    Statuario Maximus – Caesarstone Colour Range

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  • Tokyo Dining Table with Empira White Caesarstone.

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  • Moss-Furniture Topus Concrete by Caesarstone ideal for a custom made table

    Topus Concrete – Caesarstone Colours 2018

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  • White Shimmer – CAESARSTONE® Colour Range

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