Presenting the Moss Furniture Caesarstone® colour range

- With thanks to our good friends at Caesarstone® Australia.

We simply love working with this amazing product and brand! Caesarstone® is at the forefront of global colour trends. That's why Moss Furniture custom made tables are always contemporary, always in style.

Moss Furniture clients enjoy the latest interior colour trends when they choose from our up to date Caesarstone® colour range. Of course, if you'd prefer a classic, we have that too.

For a close-up view and description of each Caesarstone colour®, just click the one you like!

What's so special about Caesarstone®?

Many people have heard of Caesarstone®, but few really know what it is.

Caesarstone® is a semi-natural product made for lasting strength and beauty. It is superior to natural stone and other manufactured surfaces.

Caesarstone® is made from up to 93% natural quartz, the balance being a mix of organic pigments and polymer resins. The result is exceptional properties including heat, scratch, stain and chip resistance.

And of course, Caesarstone® surfaces are simply beautiful.

Browse the colour range and contact us to create your custom made Caesarstone® table. Or Learn more about Caesarstone® here.

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