New Caesarstone Colours for 2020

May 27, 2020

In these times of isolation and lockdown Caesarstone has been busy creating new beautiful hues in their 2020 Dark Collection.

Black is the colour of choice for Kitchens and Dining table design and at Moss Furniture we can enhance your dining space by creating a beautiful custom made dining table using Caesarstone.

We would like to introduce you to the new colours on offer and we are excited to create custom made Dining tables using these stunning stones.

Custom made dining tables using Caesarstone at Moss Furniture

Empira Black

With all the mystery of any dark stone, Empira Black™ has a dark base composed of rich, deep black beautified by fine white natural veins. Emotional and full of depth, Caesarstone’s Natural Polish heightens its elegant feel without overwhelming its innate essence. Inspired by the authentic characteristics of natural forms, Empira Black™ endows the space with the sophistication of real marble.Moss Furniture 2020 Caesarstone Colour ready to create a dining table



Black Tempal

Black Tempal™ has soft mineral deposits that give rise to a delicate, light veil of warm whites across the slab, in contrast to the sturdy black charcoal base. Its textured, complex industrial composition reflects a captivating interpretation of industrial travertine, as its finish enhances the colour’s depth while capturing warm granular highlights consumers can caress.

Trends in residential interiors have set a darker tone layered with emotion. Black and dark materials have recently been introduced to the most stylish urban kitchens and bathrooms in the form of stones like slate and travertine – tactile materials that possess an almost industrial presence.Moss Furniture Piatto Black Caesarstone


Piatto Black

Piatto Black™ is the ultimate dark. Its fine granular appearance is complemented by a textured finish; enhancing a deeper, more intense black.

A recent shift towards darker rooms has rekindled designers’ interest in surfaces such as black granites, marbles and slate. This trend has its origins in recent daring design, bringing a stylish presence to interiors – especially in residential and commercial spaces where the effect becomes even more dramatic. Bold shapes revive both modernism and minimalism; however the new approach is to introduce natural material combinations that evoke a sense of warmth.


We have samples of  the Dark Caesarstone Collection in store and will soon have a Review Table using Black Tempal in the showroom. Call us or pop in to see how we can create a beautiful Caesarstone Dark Collection dining table for you in 2020.


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