Natural or Man Made Stone ?

November 20, 2018 Moss-Furniture Caesarstone LuLu dining table

When deciding on the perfect stone for your custom made table from Moss Furniture there are a few key points to consider. The biggest decision is do I want a Natural or a Man-made stone surface on my table?






Let’s break down the difference between the two …





Man-made stones – such as Caesarstone, Talostone and Quantum Quartz are saturating the marketplace and are universally popular in kitchen utilizations. A common misconception is that man made stones are cheaper than natural stones but this is not always the case.

Man Made Stone PROS
• Non-porous
• Scratch Resistant
• Stain Resistant
• Continuity of supply that will be a uniform slab regardless of batch.

Man Made Stone CONS
• Most Man Made slabs are the same pattern therefore there is not much choice
• There are a large range of stones that try to replicate Marble but many fail to capture the exact look and feel
• Cannot be used on any outdoor surface unless it is covered or fully protected from the elements.




Natural Stones are a more sentimental favourite due to their appearance, tactility and unique patterns and tones. As with any natural product Marble or Granite has the propensity to discolour, etch and stain easily. There are a range of products on the market that claim to seal stone surfaces but they come at cost.

Natural stone PROS
• Every piece and slab is unique and individual
• Natural veins and patterns run in Marble and granite adding to the
• Marble feels warmer to the touch than a man-made stone
• Marble and Granite can be sourced in larger slabs allowing for a greater variety of uses
• Granite can be used outdoors in all applications

Natural Stone CONS
• Marble and granite will etch with acids such as lemon juice, milk and water drops
• Marble will stain or discolour if an oil or substance is left on it for a prolonged period of time.
• Once a marble is stained it is difficult to remove the stain completely



You also need to determine where and when your custom table will be used in your home.

• Is the table for indoor or outdoor use?
• What is the table primarily used for?
• Will it be used frequently i.e. a dining table or occasionally usually a console or side table.

At Moss Furniture we are more than happy to assist you to the perfect stone choice for your next custom made piece of designer furniture.

Simply email us or call into our showroom for more information.

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