Fur or Faux? We take a look at the latest Fur accessories.

July 25, 2018 Moss-Furniture Rabbit Fur Throw


Moss-Furniture Rabbit Fur Throw












There is nothing as cozy as snuggling on a lounge under a warm furry throw at winter time. The modern day dilemma lies when you are making the choice between real or faux furs for your home. Both are aesthetically beautiful to the eye and equally as warm but questions arise as to where our fur comes from is it ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. Natural Fur products have been around since the cave man days and have been passed down from generations but Faux Fur has had a rapid surge in the marketplace thanks to the “I wouldn’t be caught dead in fur” campaigns promoted by celebrities in recent years.


















At Moss Furniture we understand people have differing views on furs. Some of us shop ethically and others want the real thing. With this in mind we now stock a large range of both natural and faux fur products to cater for all of our clients.

Moss-Furniture Fur or Faux Crows Nest

















To the untrained eye Faux Fur can be often be mistaken for the real thing, Faux Fur feels and looks like a natural product. Modacrylic fibres are used to create luxurious faux fur pieces that can be crafted into cushions, throws or bolsters. All of our pieces are handmade and can be custom ordered if you are looking for a specific size. Faux Fur ranges also have the capability of being able to provide a wider colour pallet therefore are a more desirable choice for designers and consumers.

Moss-Furniture Rabbit fur Throw















If you prefer the look and feel of real fur we also stock a gorgeous range of natural fur products that are carefully sourced worldwide and handmade into cushions and throws including Rabbit, Raccoon and Possum furs. The instant warmth that a natural fur brings is one of its most desirable qualities. Colours and textures are of a more natural tone owing to the nature of the pelt. These one off sumptuous pieces are sure to become a timeless heirloom in your family for generations to come.

Moss-Furniture Fur Throws and Cushions

















Whether you want to fake it or go for the real deal we have a large range of luxurious fur throws that will turn your room into a sumptuous and opulent space without changing any furniture. Use your Fur throw with a few scatter cushions in a complementing or contrasting colour or texture instantly transforming your bedroom or living room.Moss-Furniture Faux Fur Cushions Beige Grey and Black

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