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Furniture designed with you in mind.

April 11, 2018

We are living in the ‘Smart’ technological era with a saturation on the market of Smart phones, Smart TVs and Smart cars.

Furniture manufacture is on the next frontier to be described as “smart”.

Today’s furniture is multipurpose and designed not only with comfort in mind but also technology and innovation.

We are seeing a surge in the marketplace of :

  • Bedside tables with inbuilt wireless charging docks
  • Touch screen coffee tables with internet connectivity
  • Beds that can electronically track and monitor your sleep patterns.

But smart furniture does not always have to come with state of the art technology that requires charging or the internet. We love designs that are functional, comfortable and practical as well as inexpensive.

Here is few of our favourite smart yet practical furniture pieces.

Bink Mobile Media Table

Take the clever and always colourful Bink mobile media table. This compact table’s base can slide under your lounge overhanging the seat cushion providing a media table for your laptop or tablet.

Moss Furniture - Bink Side Table, Wasabi, Winter style


Made from durable aluminium and steel you can use it as a coffee table, outdoor side table or a small work table. The Bink mobile media table maybe small on size but it is big on features and comes in these cool colours

Moss-Furniture Bink Mobile Media Table in these cool colours

Multi Media Cabinets

With Smart TVs becoming the norm in Australian households, the multimedia cabinets used to store these entertainment systems must be ahead of the game.

Features we love include:

  • Flow through ventilation
  • Cable management systems
  • Infrared (IR) Remote Control friendly glass
  • Integrated mounting brackets.

Built using cutting edge fashion features like laser cut metal doors panels or louvered hardwood doors, home media furniture solutions have become as sophisticated as the technology they house. The always popular BDI Corridor Media Cabinet comes to mind when considering smart multimedia cabinet.

Available in a range of colours and sizes to fit any space, the Corridor collection even includes a wine bar for all your finest wines a spirits along with stemware storage for hanging wine glasses and storage for ice buckets.  Now that’s smart furniture!

Moss Furniture BDI Corridor Media Cabinet, White Oak

Eileen Leaning (Get it??) Book Shelf

With more and more Australians becoming apartment dwellers, living spaces are becoming the central hub of an apartment. Our next favourite smart piece of furniture is the Eileen leaning book shelf.

Use as a single shelf or butt a few together along a wall to create a stunning feature. Your prized possessions and books can be housed in this modern but minimalist bookshelf.

With its tempered glass shelves and wood grained or satin white frame this book shelf would work perfectly in a home office, media room or living space. The designers have had space or lack of it, in mind when crafting this full length display shelf.

3 x Eileen Leaning Shelf from BDI USA at Moss Furniture Sydney- Walnut

Just like the evolving technology we are using on a daily basis, its reassuring to see that the age old art of furniture design can move with times whilst still maintaining its functionality and style.

All of the smart furniture mentioned in this blog is on display and currently in our floor stock sale.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon.

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