Splashes of Colour for a Change of Season

March 14, 2018 Moss- Furniture Designer Boys Autumn Coloured Issey Artwork

Have you noticed that your living room is a bit beige?

Does your home feel dated?

Transforming the look and colour palette of a room is easy and effective you don’t even have to replace your furniture. We love using cushions, throws or a new piece of art work to bring a room back to life without breaking the bank.

Adding splashes of colour using a few carefully selected homewares can create a fresh new look.

Textured fabrics, like faux furs and velvets are also something to consider creating a feeling of warmth and comfort. Why not paint a feature wall in an Autumn colour for a dramatic effect or consider the many stunning wallpapers on offer for a contemporary yet colourful look.

Warm Autumn colours can evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. You will be amazed at the difference a new colour scheme can make in your home.

The Interior Colour forecast for Autumn 2018 is for vibrant hues in deep tones to outshine redundant pastel colours.

Warm Autumn Colours we are loving for 2018

  • Deep Violets
  • Dark Ochres
  • Luxe Teals
  • Mulberry
  • Lavenders
  • Plums


Here are our tips to turn your tired living areas into colourful spaces that are inviting for any occasion.

  • A beautiful lamp with a vibrant shade or base placed in a corner or on a console. Use warm white globes for a lovely way to brighten up a dim corner.
  • Stunning wall art prints can work wonders on light or dark painted walls. Consider abstract designs that won’t date. Try hanging a series of prints randomly spaced on your wall for an interesting look.
  • Textured Cushions such as faux fur, velvets, or feathers scattered on a lounge or plush throws can create a luxe feel without the luxe price.
  • Large floor cushions or ottomans will create an interesting floor space and can also cover up a floor area that may not be so appealing.
  • Keep an eye out for quality artificial plants or flowers that add colour and still look like the real deal. Pop plants in unique vases or ceramic pots and you have an instant feature.
  • A well-positioned mirror can enhance living spaces not only adding light to a room but reflecting key pieces you want to highlight.
  • Scented Candles are a dime a dozen but keep an eye out for stunning candles in coloured glass jars that look great when lit and you can use the jar afterwards as a small vase.Moss-Furniture Designer Boys Issey Print, Shayna Blaze Lamp

We all need a makeover every now and then to keep us looking fresh and on trend. Your home living spaces are no different so give a tired room a makeover and see what a few small differences can make. Have fun, experiment with colours, fabrics and textures as the saying goes “’A change is as good as a holiday”.

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