Protecting your outdoor furniture when you live by the sea

February 14, 2018 Outdoor custom made bar table from Moss Furniture - Sydney backdrop


Living in a land girt by sea certainly has its advantages. With 85% of the Australian population living within 50km of the coastline our Aussie lifestyle is embedded around the sea.

Our outdoors lifestyle is the envy of other countries but brings with it the need for protection from the sun and salty air.

Living by the sea is the perfect backdrop for hours of entertaining, but it does expose your furniture to potential damage. Just as you care for and maintain your indoor furniture, outdoor pieces need attention too. This guide will help you keep your outdoor furniture in fine form – even if you live by the sea.

Choosing the right outdoor features is essential

Investing in premium outdoor furniture save money and give you durable pieces that will stand up to any weather event and look great season after season.

You can be assured you’re getting a quality product if it’s constructed from quality materials with specific design features for outdoor longevity in mind.

3 amazing outdoor materials we love:

  1. High grade 304 stainless steel – it’s strong, durable, and goes well with just about everything
  2. Treated wood such as teak that can age gracefully – even in the salty air
  3. High pressure compact laminate that allows for relentless exposure to outdoor weather without losing its looks.

Cabana Outdoor coffee table setting with chairs - Moss Furniture Sydney

Great outdoor furniture features to look for:

When purchasing furniture keep an eye out for features such as slats, grooves or slits that allow water to drain off rather than pooling on surfaces.

Go for finishes that can be easily hosed or washed down.

Look for lighter colours and UV protected materials that won’t absorb heat or fade in sunlight.

Marine Outdoor dining table with outdoor bench seat, white

Caring for your furniture is important too

As with all furniture routine maintenance and a little tender loving care is essential for keeping your investment looking as good as the day you purchased it.

Here are some simple solutions you might use:

  • Wiping down outdoor furniture with warm soapy water and a soft cloth is an easy and effective solution. This will eradicate any salt build up that can cause corrosion or rust and protect your furniture for longer.
  • Occasional oiling of stainless steel products with simple baby oil wiped across clean stainless steel will repel salt build up. You can use other oils (WD40 works well) for this purpose too.
  • Likewise a light sanding back and waxing of any wooden components on your outdoor furniture on a regular basis is always recommended for longevity.
  • Storing furniture under cover when not in use is essential protecting it from the elements.

With a little time and care, protecting and maintaining your investment in outdoor furniture will not only increase its life span but allow you to make the most of the wonderful place we call home.


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