Surviving the Aussie Summer – Sun, storms, sand and spiders

January 11, 2018 Moss Furniture, Caneline Copenhagen Outdoor table and chairs, white

We love an Aussie Summer, but it does come with a few perils.

This week in Sydney we’ve had some hot, hot days with spectacular evening storms. We escape the heat at the beach and bring home buckets of sand. Then there’s the creepy crawlies that come out in this weather.

We know how to survive summer – but how does your furniture cope? Here are some strategies:

Sun Protection:

Conic Outdoor Modular Lounge, Tex Brown, under structure

– Outdoor fabrics with UV protection

The sun causes long term damage to outdoor furniture, just as it does to you. Protect your furniture as you would yourself:

  1. Cover up. If you have overhead shelter, an awning, umbrella or shaded space, start there. Keeping your furniture in the shade is an easy first step to protect your investment in outdoor furniture.
  2. Apply UV protection. Yep, just like your own skin, furniture needs protection from UV rays. The best modern outdoor furniture has in-built sun protection. Look for UV resistant materials and fabrics to prevent fading, chipping, peeling and discoloration
  3. Wax and Oil. These are excellent ways to look after exposed wood and teak furniture. It requires a little elbow grease, but is  generally easy to apply. A few treatments a year gives a great result. This improves and maintains the look of your furniture, and extends its life.

Storm Protection:

Conic Outdoor Modular Lounge - Grey Soft Touch Fabic in rain

– Drip-dry cushions

If it’s not sunny, it’s stormy! Again, overhead protection is your best bet, but it’s not always available or practical.

We use our outdoor furniture more in Summer, so it’s more likely to be uncovered when lightning strikes (and rain and hail!).

Weather-proof fabrics and quick-dry foam are premium outdoor furniture features that are well worth the investment.

Some cushions can be turned on their side to drain and dry off, while quick-dry foam inserts are ready to sit on again in a few short hours.

Likewise, well designed outdoor tables and chairs have features that allow immediate drainage preventing damage from water collection and absorption.

Marine Outdoor dining table with outdoor bench seat, white

– Outdoor table and chairs with in-built drainage slits


These guys try to hide from the elements too, and sometimes they hide under your outdoor chairs and tables. Always check the underside of your outdoor furniture, especially if it hasn’t been used for a while, and give any cobwebs a frequent dust off.


It’s not so damaging or dangerous, but it does get uncomfortable and in the wrong places sand can scratch and mark surfaces.

To avoid bringing the beach home with you

  • Take advantage of the awesome facilities. Shower and rinse off as well as you can before you leave – and shake out those towels!
  • When you get home, bypass the front door and head straight out back. Hang any wet and sandy belongings on the line. Sand shakes off easier when it’s all dry.
  • Give the kids a good old-fashioned hose down, and if you have an outdoor shower, use it – just keep it clean for the neighbours!


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