One table, Five ways

December 13, 2017 Lyn Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo Dining Table, Custom Made by Moss Furniture Sydney

The start of any beautiful work is an excellent base design – The Lyn table is a wonderful example.

Classic, elegant and structurally sound, the Lyn table base can be crafted into magnificent dining pieces that are surprisingly different from one another.

The key is the combination of materials and colours.

Here are 5 very different, very beautiful dining tables, each made with a classic Lyn table base.

1. Lyn Dining in Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo (pictured above)

One of our most popular combinations, this table has outstanding beauty, simplicity and style. The 40mm stone top is made from the slightly veined Ceasarstone Statuario Nuvo on a polished stainless steel Lyn base. Easy care, easy clean, long lasting qualities of Caesarstone make this the perfect marriage of style and function. Supreme beauty for every day use.

2. Lyn Cement Fibreglass Dining Table

Trending for some time, the cement look is popular for its earthy, industrial look and cool grey tones. Here, we matched the Lyn base in brushed stainless steel with a thick cement fibreglass surface. The result is bold and contemporary with unique designer quality.

3. Lyn Caesarstone with Wood Base

For this table, the client maintained a chunky Caesarstone surface and an equally chunky Tassie Oak base. The combination looks incredible! A solid and grand piece of furniture, this dining table has a warm, rustic feel with contemporary designer style. Custom made to suit the room and the home, I’m sure you’ll agree this table ticks all boxes.

Moss Furniture-Lyn-Custom-Caeasarstone-Dining-Table

4. Lyn Marble Dining Table

With an Athenian marble surface and polished stainless steel legs, this Lyn is all-out elegance. It’s the statement table for any formal dining room. Athenian marble is white based with smoky veins – a classic marble look for the classic table base. The combination is effortlessly stylish with elegance that doesn’t date. This table is a standout feature. Style the room around it!

Lyn Marble Dining Table - Custom Made by Moss Furniture

5. Lyn Dining Table, Glass Top

If you’re not one for stone, perhaps you’d like a glass surface. Always in style, glass is a simple and fresh style that suits many homes. This surface shows off Lyn’s legs – the defining feature of this table base. Glass brings brightness and light to any room and maximises the look of space. It’s cost effective, always in style and looks wonderful for years to come.

Moss Furniture Custom Made glass dining table, Lyn design


These five tables share the same base design, yet each is made to suit a specific environment and use.

Recreate any of these tables in the dimensions you need – or custom create your own.

Mix and match materials, colours, styles and sizes to make the perfect table for your home.

Contact us to explore the endless dining table designs available with Moss Furniture.


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