Commercial Furniture – Why go custom made?

August 16, 2017 Custom Made Table for Commercial application by Moss Furniture Sydney

We just completed this amazing custom made dining table for new Sydney restaurant.

The table is a stand out feature in the restaurant, perfectly matches the fit-out and is sure to become a talking point for those who find themselves seated around it.

This project highlights why custom made is a great option for commercial furniture.

Commercial furniture is any furniture used in a commercial setting. It could be tables and chairs in a restaurant, the seating in your reception area or the boardroom table in your office. Commercial furniture is often custom made for reasons that are both practical and purposeful. Here are a few:

Commercial furniture is large in scale:  

Commercial furniture tends to be larger in size due to the space it occupies and the number of people it serves. At home, your dining table for 6-8 people is great. At work, the boardroom table needs to seat 18-20. For this reason, commercial furniture is often purpose built to scale. Boardroom tables are one of the most common custom made commercial pieces. Communal dining doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either, so large scale dining tables in restaurants are also on the custom-made menu. As well as tables, we can make other oversize furnishings for commercial setting including rugs, wall hangings, entrance or reception tables.

Moss Furniture - large scale custom made table eg boardroom table

Commercial furniture is bought in multiples

This coffee table setting might be perfect for your home patio. A courtyard café however, may need 10 sets. Commercial custom made makes these purchases easy for busy business owners. Most retailers can’t offer this option as they only carry a certain number of each piece. Commercial custom or made-to-order lets you choose the style you want and buy in the numbers you need. You get multiple items, a unified look and often a bulk discount, all in the one place.

Plantation Dining Table - Square, from Moss Furniture Sydney

Commercial Custom Made – matches your fit out

You invest a great deal of time and money styling your premises to make it inviting and comfortable for clients, patrons and staff. Naturally, it’s important to maintain your unique look and feel throughout. Commercial custom made makes this easy. Working with your stylist (or one of ours) you choose the colours, materials, style and overall appearance of your furniture. Each piece is integrated with your look, perfectly matching the style and ambience of your business.

Moss Furniture Custom Made commercial dining table for Antipodean Restaurant, sydney

Custom made commercial furniture is a practical approach for your office or business.

If you have a commercial space you need to fill with beautiful practical purpose-built furniture, contact us to see how we can help.

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