Make the most of your outdoors this Winter

July 6, 2017 Wintery picture of Plantation Outdoor High Table

We know, we know – it’s freezing out there!  But the sun is still shining in old Sydney town, and like all good Aussies, we still love to play outside – even in winter.

If you’re climbing the walls and aren’t the hibernating type, we have some tips on how to make your outdoors great this winter.

  1. Take cover

An overhead cover for your balcony or deck or is instantly more cosy and makes an outdoor-room vibe, even without walls. Retractable awnings and adjustable vergolas are fantastic because of their ability to open and close. When inside, keep them open to maximise internal light. If the weather turns bad or you want to go outdoors, close the cover to keep rain out and warmth in.

The other cover you may seek is the protective kind. Most outdoor furniture is designed to withstand the elements, but for furniture that is fully exposed, a weather cover will keep it in better shape for longer and reduce the maintenance required from you. Be sure to keep the covers secure – you don’t want them blowing off!

  1. Warm it up

Heating is the obvious way to keep warm. These days, there are loads of options, from overhead and freestanding heaters to the social hub of your winter party – the fire pit.

Lighting is a less obvious but really effective way to create warmth. The snuggly, welcoming, don’t-go-anywhere kind of warmth. Soft lights on tables, hung overhead or along paths and entrance ways give light and warmth. Use plenty of them – lamps, fairy lights, candles, and dimmers. Keep the light dim for the warmest, most welcoming effect.

Dali - Outdoor Winter Lamp from Moss FurnitureGinko Outdoor bulb shaped lamp - medium sizeCyrsathemum Bulb Outdoor Lamp - Large

  1. Be fussy about your furniture

If you pack your outdoor furniture away during winter, you’ll never go outside again! Well-chosen outdoor furniture that keeps well year-round makes it more inviting to spend time outside in winter.

Some of the best outdoor settings use synthetic fabrics specially designed for outdoor use. These fabrics are made to look good, repel water and clean easily. The most durable weather-resistant synthetics are heavy and sturdy, like the covers and quick-dry inserts in our Amsterdam modular lounge. Look for firm synthetic fabrics with a strong, tight weave, UV protection and easy care options.

Moss Furniture Amsterdam Luxury Outdoor Lounge set


Timber outdoor furniture is another good all-year choice. Well-cared for timber lasts for many years outdoors. Hardwoods – like the teak in our Cabana Range – is really durable. To maximise the longevity of your outdoor timber furniture, treat it with oils and sealants every 6 to 12 months – especially before the rain hits.

Plantation Outdoor Timber Dining Table - Large, with bench seats


Don’t let winter weather hold you back! Follow our tips, grab a blanket, get the Glühwein flowing and go back outdoors this winter.


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