How to keep warm at home this winter

June 8, 2017 Moss Furniture - Bink Side Table, Wasabi, Winter style

Its official – Winter has well and truly hit Sydney.

If you’re feeling a bit chilly right now, these house-warming tips will keep you so cosy you may never leave home!

The best ways to warm up your home this winter

Get cosy lesson #  1: Rug up!

Modern flooring – wood, tile, bamboo, vinyl – they all look brilliant, but can be frosty in winter. Adding rugs and runners throughout your home gives a soft tactile feel that is welcoming and warm, as well as practical. Rugs cover those gaps in floorboards that let in unexpected chills. And because we about lose 20% of our heat through our feet, the cosier your floor, the cosier your body. Some rugs look just as good on a wall as they do on a floor. A wall-hung rug brings texture and warmth to empty walls and retains heat. Of course a beautiful design like the cowhide patchwork below can look pretty spectacular too.

Cusy rug underfoot - Kansas Cowhide rug available from Moss Furniture Sydney

Work from the outside in

We’re trying to keep the outdoors out, right? Simple measures like closing doors and windows is obvious, but also make sure any gaps around door frames and windows are sealed too. That might require a little handy work – putty, silicone etc. but it can also be as simple old fashioned snake under the door. When everything is sealed, layer up!

Blinds and Curtains

These soft furnishings make the home look warm and cosy and do the very practical job of retaining warmth. Draw blinds and curtains at the end of each day to lock in heat and minimise heat loss through glass and windows. If you’re using internal heating, this can help reduce your heating costs too. That’s heart-warming in itself.

With the floors and walls covered, now it’s time to feather your nest…

Just like your winter clothing, layering is the way to keep home interiors warm in winter. Layer your lounge, living room and bedrooms with cosy woollen blankets, thick cotton throws and multi-size cushions. Use a variety of textures to create depth and stack items together to collect and store heat. Best of all, you can snuggle up under those blankets when you need to as well!

Cosy Winter Corner, Lamp, Cushions, Chair

Keep it light

Candles are a beautiful way to bring light, warmth and ambience to your winter home, but they aren’t always safe. You can achieve the same warm glow with well-placed table or floor lamps. Go for lamps that are pretty and ornamental by day, warm and welcoming by night. The soft light thrown by a lamp is perfect to help you calm down as you turn in on those cold winter nights.

Find a place to chill out

A last and final touch for your winter home is creating a quiet cosy place where you can chill. Maybe it’s a nook in your bedroom, a beautiful chair in front of the fireplace, or a loveseat near a window so you can watch the rain. Cosy it up with blankets, cushions and a footstool. Add a side table (like one of our clever Bink side tables) to rest your magazines, your laptop and a warm cup of tea.

Your winter home will be so warm and cosy you might go into hibernation!

Moss Furniture - Bink Side Table, Wasabi, Winter style

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