How to choose a media unit for the modern home

May 4, 2017 BDI Vertica, White Oak Tall Media Credenza in situ. Available from Moss Furniture Sydney

Gone are the days of coat-hanger antennas on TV tops. Modern media technology has come so far, and so have our furniture needs. While the kitchen may be your social hub, the living room is where we go to chill and have fun.

When choosing a media unit for your living room, there are a few key points to consider:

  1. Size and space: How big is your living room? Where will the unit be placed? For smaller rooms, a media stand is the most space-saving option. Corner units are also good for small spaces and sometimes necessary if walls are occupied by windows, fire places or doorways. Bigger space? Make your media unit feature. Choose 3 or 4 door cabinets, or use multiple cabinets for display and storage.BDI Elements 'Wheat' design 4-door media cabinet in situ, available at Moss Furniture Crows Nest
  2. TV size: How big is your television? How heavy? Is it wall mounted or resting on the cabinet? Your media cabinet should be at least as long as your TV and up to 2/3 its length if you have space. It should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of your television and media components. You’ll want a height that allows the centre of your television to be at eye level when seated, so check space in relation to your lounge or sofa.TV at eye level
  3. Media Components: What will you put in the cabinet? Make a list of all the media equipment you need to house. You may have speakers, a soundbar, AV receiver, DVD player, gaming consoles and more. The media items you have, how often you use them, and how they link or interact with one another will inform your choice of media cabinetry.Moss Furniture BDI Designer media unit - Elements 'Wheat' design, doors open
  4. Use and access: Consider how you use your media items. If the kids use the gaming console all day every day, open shelving will support fast, frequent access, while drawers will store the games. If you’re in love with your soundbar, you may want an open shelf for display and clarity. Maybe you like to tuck everything away neatly, in which case you’ll need excellent ventilation and options for sound flow and remote signal.Moss Furniture CAVO TV cabinet in graphite - angled view, from BDI USA
  5. Cords, cables, safety: Cords can become a real muddle behind scenes, so look for media units with built in cord control solutions. Good ventilation is essential for high-heat producing items like DVD or gaming equipment. Removable back panels and internal ventilation will keep your furniture and equipment safe and well-functioning.Moss Furniture BDI 8168 TV Cabinet - Natural Walnut - back view
  6. Design and style: Of course, the modern entertainment unit must suit the modern home! Look for pieces that match the style of your home. Choose colours and materials that complement your existing furniture and design. And you must choose something you just love. Well-chosen quality furniture will last a lifetime. BDI Vertica, White Oak Tall Media Credenza in situ. Available from Moss Furniture Sydney

Here’s our quick checklist to help when you’re shopping for your next media or entertainment unit:

  • Measure your space
  • Check size and weight of TV
  • List your media components
  • Match the style of your home

Sit back and enjoy the show!

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