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Say Hello to Neolith –

March 16, 2017 Moss Furninture Lulu Dining Table with Neolith Surface

An extraordinary new material for architecture, design and interiors

What is Neolith?

Neolith is a surface material developed for a range building and decorating applications.

Natural yet non-porous, light-weight yet hard-wearing; it’s easy to see why Neolith is attracting so much attention.

Neolith is so versatile it can be used for external cladding and facades, internal wall and floor surfaces or kitchen and bathroom finishes.

Moss Furniture is excited to be one of few Australian retailers using Neolith for furniture.

We have 3 very different Neolith dining tables on display in our Sydney furniture showroom. The range is as versatile as the material. You’ll find a Neolith table for indoor or outdoor use, for modern, traditional, casual or luxe settings. We feature a modern ‘white marble’ cross base table, a unique extendable dining table and the Moss Furniture indoor/outdoor custom made option. The choice and variety are endless.

Moss Furniture Dining Table - Neolith 'White Marble' close up

Why is Neolith so special?

Neolith combines the best features of natural stone and modern surfaces to create a remarkable new product. It looks beautiful, is long lasting and easy to maintain. In fact, we trust its longevity so much that offer a 15 year outdoor warranty!

3 elements give Neolith its functional benefits:

  1. Minerals from granite, including quartz and feldspar for hard-wearing strength
  2. Minerals from glass and silica give chemical stability
  3. Natural oxides for colour (there are currently 40+ colour options)

Moss Furniture -Beautiful Neolith White Marble Look close upMore reasons you’ll love Neolith

  • Neolith is resistant to both very high and very low temperatures.
  • It’s super lightweight – The 3mm board weighs just 7kg per m².
  • Raw material strength makes Neolith resistant to scratches and abrasions.
  • Virtually non-porous, Neolith won’t absorb marks and stains, so its easy to clean.
  • This non-porous quality reduces risk of bacteria and other harmful substances.
  • The natural oxides used to colour Neolith won’t fade with sun exposure.
  • Neolith can withstand high pressure and heavy weights.
  • It’s eco-friendly too. 100% natural, made from up to 52% recycled materials and can be recycled itself.
  • Neolith is Greenguard certified, and meets strict chemical emissions limits for healthier interiors.

Got 3 minutes to spare? See these features in action in this beautiful-to-watch video

Tables in the Neolith range at Moss Furniture are also available in custom made options. Contact us or visit our Sydney furniture showroom to learn more about Neolith and Neolith furniture options from Moss.

Marble Neolith customisable Dining Table






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