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5 Reasons to consider Custom Made Furniture

February 10, 2017 Moss-Furniture Custom made dining tables

Many people hear the words ‘custom-made furniture’ and assume it will break the bank.

Not so.

Custom made furniture is often less expensive than high end brands. In fact, it’s sometimes less expensive than mid-range brands too. And the quality is incomparable.

Don’t be put off by assumptions! Before you run out and buy your next major piece of furniture, consider these 5 reasons to have your furniture custom made:

Get exactly what you want

It can be frustrating when you find something you love, only to find it’s not available as you’d like it. Has this happened to you? You like the arms, but not the seats. You like the style, but want a different colour. You love the table, but it won’t fit your room. Having your furniture custom made removes this frustration. Once you find a style you love, choose your colours, materials and dimensions. You get the style, exactly as you want it.

One of a kind

Just as no one likes showing up in the same outfit, you don’t want to see your furniture in your neighbour’s living room. Home furnishings really do say something about your personal style. It’s a ref lection of what you like, how you feel and the vibe of your home. When you choose custom made furni ture, you create something that reflects all of this. It’s your unique style, and you won’t see another like it.

Match your room or home

It can be hard to find something that suits the rest of your home. You want the right style, period, colour etc. With custom made furniture, you have more options. Match your modern, industrial, French or country style. Choose materials that suit your flooring, wall colours, lighting and other furnishings. Save time trying to find ‘the perfect piece,’ and instead, make the perfect piece yourself!

Make home styling easy

Blend elements from your home into your custom pieces, then link them throughout the home for a stylised look. For example, your refrigerator, oven, and light fixtures are brushed stainless steel. Your kitchen benchtops are Caesarstone Alpine Mist. Custom make your dining table with a Caesarstone Alpine Mist surface and brushed stainless steel base. Link the style through the home with a matching console at your entrance, coffee table in the living room, and bar in your outdoor area. It’s styling, made easy!

Reputable makers guarantee their work

Just like building your home, building your furniture requires a professional. You’ll want to do your homework to find someone reputable, with a load of experience and lots of examples to show. If the maker is reputable, they’ll back their work 100%. (At Moss Furniture, our custom pieces carry a 10-year guarantee). And because custom made furniture is handcrafted, you’re sure to get a superior level of quality and attention to detail.

If you haven’t considered custom made furniture before, now might be the time you should!

To speak with us about custom design, contact us here.

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