Simple style ideas for your Christmas dining table

December 1, 2016 Christmas Dining Decorations on Caesarstone White Attica Dining Table

Christmas dinner is the main event on Christmas Day. Friends and family always gather where there is food. Styling your Christmas dining table beautifully helps everyone get into the spirit of the day.

Christmas dining decorations don’t need to be complicated or expensive. There are plenty you can make yourself and you can use many accessories you already have at home.

Bring some spirit to your Christmas dining table with these simple style ideas

When styling your dining table for Christmas, the best place to start is with the table itself. Let your table guide your theme and colours, then let your imagination fly.

1. If your dining table is marbled or patterned…

Patterned dining tables like the Caesarstone table pictured are a feature in themselves. Keep your dining decorations simple to avoid a cluttered look. A beautiful and inexpensive way to decorate your patterned table for Christmas is with a simple sprig of Rosemary from the garden, tied with a lovely red ribbon. You can even make rosemary place cards for your guests. And the smell adds to the Christmas feel.

2. If your dining table is white…

White is so closely linked to Christmas, there’s no point messing with it. Create a White Christmas wonderland. Mix various textures in a range of white tones like we’ve done with our Lyn Caesarstone dining table (pictured here in Caesarstone Statuario). Try using glass, paper, mirror, tinsel and sequins. Get creative and make some paper snowflakes – even the kids can do it. Fill a glass bowl with white chocolates, go crazy with candles and throw in lots of silver Christmas sparkle.

3. If your dining table is wood…

A great way to work with a wooden dining table is to stay natural. Luscious greens and whites look stunning against a wooden backdrop. Head into the garden for some Christmas foliage – there are loads of Australian summer plants that give off beautiful reds, greens and even silvery white tones. Set them against neutral coloured dinnerware and sprinkle hints of silver or gold amongst the leaves for that special Christmas shine.

Moss Furniture - Christmas Decorations for glass dining table

4. If your dining table is glass

A glass dining table is a blank canvas that you can fill with almost anything. A traditional elegant theme works really well with glass. Silver and gold are a classic base for elegant Christmas dining. Mix decorations with accessories you already have; candelabras, bowls, candles, napkin rings etc. We’ve set our reflective glass dining table with brassy gold vases that complement the silver and gold tones, then scattered spots of red and green for contrast and tradition.

Whether you’re planning lavish dining setting, individual place holders or a stunning centrepiece these Christmas Dining style ideas will have you on your way to many merry Christmas meals.

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