How to spruce up your outdoor living area this Spring

October 27, 2016

Is your outdoor living area ready for Spring? In Sydney, as the days get longer and warmer, our outdoor spaces become our living areas.
Chances are, your outdoor living area needs a little TLC before you invite the neighbours in!

Spruce up your outdoor living space this Spring with these handy tips:

  1. Declutter

Remove old, unused and damaged items from around your outdoor area. This may include chipped pots, tiles and pavers, broken furniture, mouldy cushions and probably a tonne of dried leaves. Remove or recycle what cannot be saved, then move on to the next job…

  1. Scrub up

Winter can leave its mark in the form of mould and mildew. You may even have a collection of webs gracing your long-unused outdoor furniture. Give everything a wash with warm soapy water. For mouldy items, bleach and chemical removers are an option, although vinegar or lemon mixed with water is a safer non-toxic solution.

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Decks, tiles, pavers – the flooring in your outdoor living area needs special attention. Polish any timber surfaces and use a bristled broom with soap solution to give your floors a new sheen. Then hit it with the hose.


  1. Refresh & repair

Check table and chair legs, fence posts, palings, storage box hinges and anything else that might require a bit of a tune-up.  Mend anything broken, loose or unscrewed and polish your timber pieces. You might even throw a coat of outdoor paint over some old pots, planter boxes or furniture to give them a new fresh look.

Moss-Furniture Crows Nest Bondi Alfresco Lounge














  1. Check your shade and sunlight

The Aussie sun, while glorious, can be intense. You want to make sure you have options for taking in the sunshine and blocking it out when needed. Overhead trees can provide a beautiful natural canopy, while louvered rooftops, pergolas and a good old fashioned umbrella give your outdoor area the best of both worlds.

  1. Light ém up!

Lights play a huge role in how we use our outdoor living space, after all, we’re not always ready for bed when the sun goes down! Check your lighting is working and change bulbs that need replacing. Light up high-use areas above BBQs, dining tables and spaces where children play. Use decorative lanterns or lights to add drama and accentuate special features – a water fountain or decorative plant.

Moss-Furniture Interior design service

  1. Add a splash of colour



Dress up your outdoor space with coloured cushions, fabulous foliage, or some bold coloured statement furniture like these Matilda chairs. Play with colours that reflect the beauty of the season, and keep it light. Use white with aqua, lemon, tangerine and mint to say hello sunshine!

Now you can sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the sunshine!



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