Caesarstone launches eight new surfaces!

August 17, 2016 Moss Furniture Caesarstone table surface colour - Georgian Bluffs


Caesarstone® launches eight new surfaces!

We are so excited to be announcing that Caesarstone® has launched eight new designs and we have them in-store here at Moss Furniture! They make for the perfect dining, console, side or coffee table surface and see the Caesarstone® range expanded to 48 designs.

The new Caesarstone® designs are manufactured with technology that’s fundamentally unique to Caesarstone® and are the result of over 18 months of international and local design research and development.

As you’ve no doubt seen, local and international interior designers and decorators are embracing the classically elegant and timeless natural marble inspired designs that Caesarstone® has launched.

The supernatural designs, as they are known, include:

Cosmopolitan White – featuring delicate white tones, coupled with textured depth of diagonal lines, veining.

Noble Grey – luxurious sweeping broad natural veins that sweep across a gentle light grey background.

Tuscan Dawn – a mix taupe colour background with rich, light and creamy natural thick veins.

Symphony Grey – an orchestra of delicate dark grey tones complimented with the textured depth of diagonal surface veins.

Georgian Bluffs – a light grey marble with subtle background details with streams of white and grey veins. It features an industrial and natural edge to it.

White Attica – inspired by classic natural marbles, White Attica features a white base with dense, dark grey interwoven veins.

Nordic Loft – is a neutral light taupe that’s inspired by the on-trend Scandinavian natural colours.

Statuario Maximus – a marble inspired design, features broad warm grey veins sweeping across its soft white base colour.

Moss-Furniture Custom made dining tables

The unique and rich variety of colours and patterns of Caesarstone® surfaces give you the ability to find your ultimate table surface and create your own unique interior environment.

The Caesarstone® surfaces are constantly evolving to meet the latest global trends and highest level of international quality standards.

Moss Furniture is able to create a bespoke table to complement your home’s aesthetics.

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