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May 18, 2016 Caesarstone Lulu Table

Design experts suggest that it pays to invest time in choosing the right dining table for your home. After all, your dining table is often the place where kids can do their homework, meals can be enjoyed and guests can linger over coffee. Fundamentally, it’s the central point where everyone comes together.

When determining the space available for a dining table, consider the area that people need to sit comfortably and walk around the dining
table. According to Shoshana Gosselin, an Interior Decorator, “the width of your table should be at least 91 centimetres wide, so that there’s ample space for place settings as well as food. Typically, as the table length increases, so does the width of the table top.”


Caesarstone Excava top table also available with the Tokyo Base

























Ken Moncrieff, Interior Designer with Alternative Images and Moss Furniture, advised: “People often make the mistake of not measuring out the table on the floor and then don’t realise how much space a table will take. Use newspaper or chalk to map out how much space the table will take up in your room. This will help you to visualise the space that the table will take up. Then, you can measure the wall/furniture-to-table clearance to see if the table will fit.”


What shape will your dining table be?


Believe it or not, this decision is actually easier than choosing the style of your dining table. The most popular shaped dining table is
rectangular – loved for its functionality.


The rectangular table works well in long and narrow rooms, allowing for traffic flow. And, if you’re looking for it to take up less space, choose seats that are more streamlined, or consider a bench that can be stored under the table when not in use. Rectangular tables can accommodate many guests, especially when they are extended with a leaf or two.


Reflective Glass Dining table, design by Moss Furniture Sydney
































Round tables fit well into tight spaces and can normally fit more people, as they have no corners. Round tables with pedestals offer more legroom, eating space and comfort to diners, as they eliminate the table legs that can get in the way. Some people consider round tables to be the best, as they allow everyone to face one another, pass the food around and feel more social.


Square tables position diners an equal distance apart, making for more intimate dining experiences. If your dining room is square, a square dining table will mimic the room’s shape and provide symmetry. However, bear in mind that with a square or round table, it is harder to reach for food, so it might be a good idea to install a lazy Susan if either of these is your table shape choice.


To summarise: the important elements to bear in mind when choosing a table’s shape are: the room width and length; the table shape and size; the chair type and size; and the surrounding cabinet size and type (sideboard or hutch).


Once you’ve chosen the shape of your dining table and its size, you’ll need to consider its style and material.


Certain materials apply to different styles. Dining tables made from stainless steel, glass or chrome finishes suggest modern or industrial themes in a home. Timber (particularly farm-style timber tables) suggests themes of rustic, family times.


The material of your table is “mostly dictated by the overall style of the space; after all your furniture should reflect your taste,” reports Houzz web site.


“Darker woods, such as cherry and mahogany, are often seen as elegantly traditional, while dark metals, concrete, and wood/metal mixtures are mostly contemporary. Colourful plastics are modern and playful, while glass can be modern or traditional, depending on the base material Houzz web site advises.


Lyn Fisher, Interior Design and Owner of Moss Furniture in Crows Nest suggests: “Choose a table surface that’s durable, non-porous and comes with a warranty. For example, our custom made modern Caesarstone tables are built to your requirements. And, made of Caesarstone®, they are created from an easy-care quartz surface that’s scratch and stain resistant, non-porous and all with a 10-year warranty. The Caesarstone® surface can withstand red wine, coffee and lemon juice – so it’s perfect for growing families with children.”

Caesarstone Lulu Table

The Caesarstone Lulu Table fits well into most family homes.


Ken Moncrieff, Interior Decorator, added: “One of the main factors to consider is your flooring. For example, you can have too much timber – timber floor, timber table legs and a timber table-top. It can be all too much.”


“Also, most kitchen benches are rectangular. If you’re going to have a dining table beside it, I generally try to suggest to go with a different shape to rectangular, to make the table look completely different to the kitchen, particularly if it is positioned right beside it and made of the same surface.”

Lyn Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil Custom Made Dining Table









Looking online and through magazines is a great way to become inspired about the material or style of your dining table, but it’s also important to visit a showroom or store to have an understanding how your table will look and function.


We wish you luck!


Moss Furniture has Australia’s largest range of custom made Caesarstone tables. We also custom-make dining, coffee, console and side tables using stainless steel, glass, timber, polyurethane, Neolith porcelain and marble.


Visit our showroom at 348 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest where our friendly staff will assist with your custom made dining table needs.

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