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March 31, 2016 Blue Levi Dining Chair


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Choosing a comfortable, supportive, functional and beautiful dining chair seems like an easy task. But, it requires careful consideration of you and your family’s needs and preferences. So, what should you consider when buying a dining chair?

  • The seat height is an important consideration, as it should allow the person to sit down and stand up easily. According to the South Australian Department of Communities and Social Inclusion, your hips should be just above your knees, with your feet flat on the floor when you are seated. This is known as the ‘Stick to Stand’ measuring guide.
  • Your seat should be firm enough to support good posture, be comfortable, be able to assist you to rise up from the seat and support your body weight. Avoid chairs that are narrower than 45cms, as they don’t provide enough support, instead choose chairs that are 45-60cms deep.
  • Your seat should support the length of your buttocks and thighs and allow enough space on either side of your body for the width of two to three fingers to fit, but close enough for the armrests to be comfortable and supportive.
  • “The front edge of the seat should curve downwards (often called a waterfall front) to avoid pressure on the calf muscles,” advises the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.
  • Try to allow for around 30cms between the top of the seat and the top of the dining table. Dining tables generally are 74-75cms high.
  • Consider who will be using your dining chairs. If children or grandparents are often dining at the table, it’s a good idea to make sure that the chairs aren’t heavy or difficult to carry or move about.
  • Armrests should support your forearm and hand and should also be firm, assisting in pushing you up to a standing position. And, importantly, the height of the armrest should allow for the chair to be pulled close to the dining table.
  • Ensure that your chairs will match your table and the room they’ll be positioned in and the size of your family and guests. Also, check that your table doesn’t dwarf your chairs or vice versa.
  • Great fabric choices for a dining chair include: leather (real or imitation), cotton blends or commercial fabrics like rayon or polyester.
  • Moss Furniture offers a great selection of dining chairs that meet the above criteria. Take a look here.
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