Thinking of selling your home? Time to get cracking then…

February 11, 2016 A property styled by Moss Furniture

Selling your home? Here is a property styled by Moss Furniture.

Are you thinking of selling your home before the winter weather sets in? Did you know that there are only 108 days left until winter officially starts? Time to get cracking then!

Presenting your home in the best possible way can help reaffirm to buyers that it’s worth the asking price and may also mean a speedy offer.

We have come up with some tips from our Interior Decorator and Designer, Ken Moncrieff to help you achieve a premium price for your home:

  • Consider hiring a home stylist. A stylist will bring an impartial view and help to make your home acceptable to potential buyers. Fundamentally they will assist make your home to appear more spacious, clear and clean-lined.
  • Street appeal is paramount. It is widely acknowledged that the first thing a buyer does is a ‘drive by’ of your property. High pressure cleaning of all hard surfaces is highly recommended.
  • Garden tidy up – make sure that your lawns are mowed and landscaping is neatly trimmed. Sweep paths and walkways of leaves and rubbish. Put children’s bikes and play equipment out of sight.
  • House numbers – invest in a new set of house numbers and make sure that they can be clearly seen from the road.
  • Front door improvements – to brighten your front entrance, give it a fresh coat of paint and place a new welcome mat on the doorstep.
  • Remove clutter – make sure that the kitchen and bathroom counters are as clear as possible. Try to keep toys organised in closets and on shelves, temporarily remove any excess clutter or family photos.
  • Paint touch up – touch up paint on your walls, doors and window frames if they have rough spots.
  • Clean every day – make sure that your home is sparkling clean. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom, including your appliances. Hang fresh clean towels in the bathrooms and vacuum the floors.
  • Make minor repairs – replace any non-functioning bulbs in your light fittings, fix leaking taps in the bathrooms and repair squeaky doors or cupboards.
  • Eliminate odours – unpleasant odours like cigarette smoke, animal smells, lingering food and damp can all be addressed. A home is like a human body. It needs to breathe. Make sure that your home is well ventilated.
  • Let the light in – open all of your blinds and curtains. Turn on the lights if you know your home may be shown that day.


We offer complete indoor and outdoor property styling and our clients have enjoyed the benefits of higher than valued sales of their property as a result of our property styling. We would be happy to help you achieve the best outcomes for your own home.


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