How to Buy Outdoor Furniture

September 13, 2015

If this weekend is anything to go by, now is the time to consider your outdoor living area. By maximising the space outdoors with the right design, furniture and layout, it is easy to reinvigorate your outdoor living space. We have put together the top five tips to buying the right outdoor furniture for your home:


1. The Outdoor Lounge


In the 1990’s, the majority of outdoor furniture was purchased for dining in the backyard. Today, outdoor furniture is now equally used for both dining and as a lounge. This comes with the trend of an outdoor entertainment area to be as sophisticated as the indoor areas. At Moss Furniture, we have a wide range of outdoor furniture pieces and styles to suit any design.


2. Comfort Factor


Outdoor furniture used to be about practicality and durability in order to survive the harsh conditions of the Australian elements. However with the advances of technology, the quality of materials and fabrics have improved to new levels of comfort and style. This means that the outdoor furniture can be just as comfortable as the furniture inside the home. Our design specialists can help select the right furniture to achieve the customers’ desired living space.


3. Size Matters


The size of your outdoor furniture depends on the outdoor space and the number of people you wish to fit in that space. Draw up the layout of the outdoor space and consider the purpose of your space. Do you want to entertain guests with a cocktail standing space? Or do you want a table and BBQ area for meals? We ask our customers to draw a plan of their outdoor space and we discuss with them what they want with this space. Moss Furniture products can also be sized according to your individual requirements to fit your outdoor space.


4. Be True To Yourself


At the end of the day, no matter how sophisticated or modern your outdoor living area can be, it should reflect your personal taste and style. The outdoor space should reflect the style inside your home and in the garden. Be sure to discuss what your current home design is with the specialists at Moss Furniture and they can find the right furniture pieces for your outdoor area.


5. Guaranteed Quality


Outdoor furniture needs to be robust and be manufactured with high quality, in order to withstand the different weather conditions of the Australian outback. Moss Furniture specialises in stainless steel products, the 12 year old company guarantees that the pieces are modern and contemporary as well as robust in quality. The stainless steel tables come in a range of sizes, shapes to suit any outdoor living area.

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