Caesarstone is Green!

July 16, 2015

Caesarstone® is committed to a Cleaner, Safer and Better Quality Environment

At Moss Furniture we take the the environmental impact of the products we sell seriously. This is why we are happy to sell Caesarstone® products as they meet these standards.

We are sure you want to know WHAT the environmental benefits of Quartz are so, here it is:

Quartz, is the world’s most abundant mineral – silica or silicon dioxide (SiO2). Found almost everywhere on the earth’s surface – constituting approximately 12% of its crust, its long-lasting durability, and the fact that it is stain, scratch and heat-resistant and entirely non-toxic means that Caesarstone® products have a relatively small eco-footprint, making it the ideal eco-friendly choice for care-free kitchen, bathroom, and commercial applications.

In addition to the above, Caesarstone® implement numerous responsibilities to ensure that they reduce their environmental impact through Ecological Responsible Preservation Activities.

To view the complete breakdown of this amazing company and their commitment to the environment, click the below!

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