Featured Product: Statuario Nuvo

July 11, 2015

Statuario Nuvo & Taj Royal

First they brought us their top seller, Calacatta Nuvo. Now we are delighted to announce that Caesarstone® have introduced two new colour’s: Statuario Nuvo and Taj Royal

Caesarstone® are sticking with a theme when it comes to these new colours and that is replicating natural Marble.
The gorgeous Statuario Nuvo is Caesarstone’s® interpretation of Statuario Marble. It is elegant and delicate, featuring impressive diffused dark veins on a white canvas.

The Taj Royale is a supernatural colour that incorporates warm hues that compliment delicate veins in rich depths and is again, like Statuario Nuvo, sticking to the marble inspired theme.

Check out this great video by Caesarstone® that really highlights the drama of these stones!

You can view the entire Caesarstone® range here:
Caesarstone Website

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