Caesarstone® Table Fun Facts

July 2, 2015

So, in light of all the shock and awe we receive from our clients when we suggest using Caesarstone® for their custom made consoles, dining tables, coffee tables and bar tables (yes, you read right!). We have found this amazing infographic that really supports our suggestion a Caesarstone® table over anything else!
Not only will this infographic breakdown the manufacturing process for you but, it actually compares Caesarstone® to alternate materials that are also commonly used for tables. This is great when considering which option to go with because it really helps you understand why we prefer a Caesarstone® table and what benefits you will receive when going down the quartz path.

Have a look at some of our:

Caesarstone® table styles HERE

Or view some:

Caesarstone® table inspo on our Pinterest HERE!

You can view the above infographic on the Caesarstone® website on the link below along with further details on the product and its range.

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