How To Choose The Right Barstool For Your Space!

March 19, 2015

You have decided to buy a barstool and yet what was supposed to be a matter of just selecting which one “looks good”, has turned into a nightmare. You have to return your amazing find because it’s the wrong height! But a barstool is a barstool, right? Wrong!
There are two specific heights of stools that constantly get confused – Counter Height or Bar Height. The main key is to determine which one you are actually after so, here are some of the differences in not only their height, but also their application.


Counter Height

This is type of stool is used around your kitchen bench or most surfaces in your home. It is technically a Barstool but, it commonly referred to as one. As most tables and countertops are around 90cm high, this stool is perfect as it comes in a height of approximately 65cm.

Bar Height

This is actually your standard barstool and it is used for higher surfaces such as bars, outdoor entertainment areas etc. which are around 105cm high. Barstools are come in a height of approximately 75cm.



Important Considerations!

We are in the age of custom designing our own furniture. We design surfaces that suite our personal needs such as lower or higher than normal tables or benches and, because of this, pieces such as barstools, dining chairs or ottomans are directly in the firing line.
To avoid making any mistakes, follow these simple rules:
1. Measure from the floor to the underside of the surface where the barstool will be used (A)
2. A comfortable space from the seat to the underside of the surface is a minimum of 30cm (B)
(A – B = Height of Stool)
3. Look for something adjustable. Each person is different so have something that can accommodate a broader range of people
We hope that these small points will help you on your search for the perfect barstool and one small note to end on, if you are going for a barstool with a back and it “swivels” it is highly likely that it will clash with the benchtop either on its own or when people are sitting and swinging on it! The amount of barstools AND surfaces that get ruined because of this one small detail is hard to believe! So be wise in your selection of not only the stool but the material as well.

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