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March 5, 2015 Moss-Furniture Blog Outdoor balcony furniture

The key to styling any home is to make sure that there is an organic flow between each space. It sounds easy but when you get to outdoor rooms such as balconies it can become a challenge because not only is it about creating that flow, but making sure that your products are durable, comply and are safe.

Here are Moss Furniture’s top 5 tips to consider when styling a Balcony:

1. Assess your environment 

Where are you located? Are you near the ocean? Will there be direct contact with the elements i.e Sun, Rain, Wind etc.? Are you allowed to put furniture outside or are there any regulations that you need to comply with? If so, this is something that you will need to consider as there are certain materials that will/will not withstand the elements.

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2. Think about weight and stability 

If your balcony cops a strong wind every now and then, make sure your furniture is going to be able to stay put. If you are set on a particular piece but it’s not 100% stable it’s ok, there are ways to fasten or fix furniture.


3. Maintenance 

Go with pieces that you can leave out and are easy to clean. With furniture, check that there is a form of drainage so that water doesn’t gather. Also, try select pieces that you can just wash with a hose or a wet sponge. This doesn’t limit you either as there are soft furnishings and floor coverings that you can do this to as well!


4. Multi-Use Furniture 

Select pieces that can be used in more way then one like a day bed/lounge that has a storage facility inside or an extendable table that you can reduce when you’re not entertaining.

Outdoor custom made bar table from Moss Furniture - Sydney backdrop
















5. Consider the whole space 

Most people focus on what is obvious such as the floor but because of this, they tend to forget about the walls and the ceiling. Instead of taking up floor space with some pot plants, why not hang them from the ceiling or put them on the walls? Use the whole canvas and make it work!

When styling a balcony you are usually restricted in space so be smart with your choices and don’t over style. By using the above points as a guide, you should be able to create an effective space that ties in with the whole home!

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