Why Caesarstone IS the new Marble?

February 19, 2015

Caesarstone walls in Bathroom
As you close your eyes you dream of Marble and its dramatic veins, the elegant snow colour and its luxurious essence. You transport yourself to the wonderful sites of the Taj Mahal and its extravagant Marble dome, the Parthenon with its Marble columns and to the Marble walls of the Palace of Versailles. You want it and you must have it!
But….much to your dismay, you open your eyes and you’re sitting on the floor of what will be your bathroom, your kitchen or your dining room and all that comes to mind when you can think about Marble is its price, those accidental wine spills and the condensation marks.


Imagine if you could get that Marble look that you’re dreaming of without all the downsides..well, to put it simply, you can!


Caesarstone is just one of the affordable and durable surface options that supply ranges such as the new Calacutta Nuvo, that are designed to look like Marble but, still tick all the right boxes for both residential and commercial markets PLUS it’s non-porous which means no polishing or sealing.


Now that you’ve decided to go with this wonderful option (you’re welcome), what are you going to use it for? Did you know that its application can be indoors or outdoors? It can be used for surface tops for tables, consoles and shelving or for island benches, vanities and even wall paneling and flooring. Talk about a versatile material! Have a look at some of our favorite selections of Caesarstone on our Pinterest page here




Close your eyes again and picture your room with an exquisite ‘Marble’ tabletop and start to add in your floor and wall coverings, finishes and furniture and suddenly you’re excited to open them and start building your dream home with Moss Furniture.


If you have used Caesarstone or another solid surface in lieu of Marble, we would love for you to share your thoughts and images in the comment section below or, email us at info@mossfurniture.com.au

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