5 easy guides to creating the perfect Custom Furniture Piece

February 16, 2015 Lulu Vanilla Noir Caesarstone Dining Table - Gold base

Ever been in a situation and thought “Why don’t people have what I am looking for?”


Did you know that most people who can’t find what they are after in-store or off-the-shelf cave in and settle for furniture that they are not 100% happy with because the thought of custom making it seems too daunting.


Biggest Myth: Expensive – This day and age it’s not hard to do some browsing and find that you can have a product made with the best products that fit in your budget. How do we do it you may ask? Moss Furniture have wonderful relationships with a selected number suppliers, manufactures and local businesses that offer high quality products at affordable prices.


Custom making and designing your furniture is not as difficult as you may think and if you select the right materials, manufacturers and have an honest and reputable consultant, like we have at Moss Furniture, then you don’t have to compromise!


Things to consider/do:

  1. Concept–Put it on paper. We know that not everyone is an artist and we don’t expect you to be but any idea that you can convey on paper will assist in providing you with the overall end product.
  2. Space – Check to see that what you are creating will fit in the space and most importantly, check that it will fit through the door! Sounds silly, we know but sometimes the most obvious things can be overlooked especially when you are busy worrying about the exciting things like what colour or material.
  3. Application – Indoor furniture, outdoor furniture or will it be both? This is one of the most important decisions to make as it will directly effect your material selection.
  4. Features – Are you wanting a multi-use piece? An extendable table? Perhaps an ottoman that can be a stool that can be a table that can be a pool (if only, right?). Any special things that you think you might want to incorporation, let us know.
  5. Guidance – Don’t be afraid to ask if you are not sure about something and if you need assistance then that’s what Moss Furniture are here for. We are the experts in custom indoor and outdoor furniture so, if you want to seat 6 people but don’t know the size of the table you are after, we can tell you. If you don’t know whether your concept will work indoors or outdoors, we can tell you!


Most importantly remember that you have to look at this piece of furniture on a day-to-day basis so make sure that you are happy with it. Moss Furniture can help you there.


If you’re in the market for a custom piece of furniture then feel free to contact us now at info@mossfurniture.com.au for an obligation free quote.

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