Moss Furniture’s Top 8 Design Tips For Australia Day

January 27, 2015

Everyone has an Australia Day tradition. If yours is to host a party with your close family and friends, then you need to be prepared! The best holidays are spent surrounded by loved ones in the perfect space, especially in the backyard.


Here are our top tips on designing your outdoor spaces for this Australia Day party:


  1. If You Have An Outdoor Area Utilise it

    It’s a time to celebrate Australia and being outdoors is what we are known for! Don’t spend your Australia Day party cooped up inside if you have a lovely backyard! Moss Furniture has a range of outdoor furniture to get your space Australia Day ready!


  3. Create A Playlist

    It is important to set the mood of your party! We suggest investing in the ultra chic Marine Bench to put your radio, laptop, speakers or iPod dock to keep the music flowing! This bench is the perfect space to keep your electronics accessible but not in the way of the party.

  4. Set The Mood

    Nothing says Australia Day quite like having a beer or a glass of wine outdoors with family and friends. For a comfortable and stylish setting we suggest the Life ‘Rotterdam’ Collection to truly make your party feel like home.

  5. Make Room For More

    If you enjoy hosting extra guests like your next-door-neighbors or the unexpectedfriends’ friends, then you must always be sure you have extra room! At Moss Furniture we suggest the Apollo Extendable Table to serve your food,as it allows for you to extend for extra sittings. This is stylish and convenient and can also be used for an indoor setting!

  6. Spice Up The Table With A Beautiful Centerpiece

    If you find yourself too time-poor to make up extravagant table settings for your guests then a simple centerpiece is what you need. Centerpieces allow for your table to look polished without all the fuss. We suggest the Reid Platter, as it look beautiful and you can serve treats in it!

  7. Create Ambience

    If you and your loved ones tend to party on into the night, then some lighting will create a beautiful ambience. The Maple Leaf Light Tree is the perfect subtle lighting and blends in perfectly with your outdoor setting.

  8. Have Extra Seating

    Always be prepared for extra guests! Having extra seating will ensure that you’ll have a comfortable setting for not just your Australia Day party but any future event you host! We recommend the Casual Chair Plantation because you can easily keep them outdoors or in the garage to use as back-ups.

  9. Relax!

    Australia Day is meant to be casual and fun! If you want to refurnish your outdoor furniture but don’t have time or know how to then we are here to help. Moss Furniture offers a home styling service too- so you can sit back and relax as we work our magic!

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