What Your Home Colour Scheme Says About You!

January 22, 2015

Ever wondered what your colour scheme means or why you are drawn to it? Moss Furniture has complied a list of what colour scheme of your home says about you.

Red –If you find yourself hotheaded and passionate, it may explain why you chose red as your colour scheme! Red symbolises energy, strength, power, passion, desire and love! We recommend the ‘Red Black Slats’ painting to infuse your home with that burning passion.


Orange: A colour that typically attracts those who are creative and enthusiastic, orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Orange is invigorating and stimulates mental activity. Orange symbolises endurance, enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination and success. We recommend the fun jazz swivel stool in orange for that creative vibe!


Yellow –Yellow attracts those happy-go-lucky, cheerful people and has a warming, comforting effect on your home! Yellow symbolises joy, happiness, intellect and energy.To infuse your home with happiness, we recommend the Miro Vase Medium Yellow.


Green – For those who want to make their home feel more natural, they turn to green, the colour of nature! Green symbolises growth, harmony, freshness, fertility and safety. For those who want to infuse nature into their home we recommend the Planter as an indoor or outdoor accessory.


Blue: Blue is attractive to individuals who enjoy depth and stability. The colour blue symbolises faith, truth, trust, loyalty and wisdom. To create a feeling of depth to your home we recommend the beautiful Vase- Fading Aqua piece.


Purple: The colour purple has long been associated with royalty. Purple is a colour that those who are ambitious are attracted to. Purple is not an arrogant colour but rather symbolises power, nobility, luxury and ambition. We recommend adopting a purple feature wall to your home and embellishing it with the complimentary Jeweled Eyes in matte grey to complete the look.


White: White is attractive to individuals who love cleanliness! A white colour scheme is associated with goodness, light, purity, safety and cleanliness. Just because those who enjoy cleanliness are drawn to white does not mean the colour is boring and sterile! White helps to seemingly increase the space of the room. For a beautiful white decorative piece we recommend the Floral Centrepiece.


Black: Powerful people are drawn to the colour black, as it is associated with sophistication, power and elegance. Black denotes mystery, strength, authority and gives a feeling of perspective. A stunning colour that you cannot go wrong with! We recommend the Wall Clock Round Black to add the sophistication to your home.



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