The Greatest Wall of All!

January 15, 2015

No one likes a boring wall. That is why Moss Furniture has you covered with a large range of home accessories and wall pieces that are guaranteed to turn your wall from drab to fab!

Our top 3 must haves are:
1. A clock


A unique and innovative clock is a stunning and practical house decoration that you simply must have! ‘Jewelled Eyes’ is a beautifully crafted timepiece has sparkling jewels at each hour that will capture the attention of your guests.


2. A mirror…or two!
A mirror is the perfect way to add character to a room! These beautiful distressed, antiqued silver leaf mirrors come as a set. You can either separate them throughout the house or keep them together for an artistic feel.

3. Wall Art


Wall-art is perfect for any home as it inspires creativity and beauty. The walls of your home will no longer feel blank and like they are closing in on you! Roses Are Special is a beautiful wall-art which inspires both romance and modernity. It is a perfect wall piece to compliment your entertainment room.

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