New Year, New Furniture!

January 15, 2015

Was your New Year’s Resolution to redecorate your home? Look no further than Moss Furniture, who arehere to take your 2014 home into a spin into 2015!


Here are our top 7unique must-haves for a stylish home for the New Year:



1. BDI Hokkaido 2300 Espresso Square Coffee Table
If you are looking to add a piece of elegant simplicity to your home this is for you! This coffee table will entice your visitors with its modern design and beauty.


2. Elle Swivel


This beautiful indoor chair is part of our feature collection. This chair promises to be your home’s most comfortable feature and is ideal for the entertainment room! It is an elegant and understated piece that is perfect for any home!


3. BDI Mirage 8227-2 Glass TV Cabinet
If your entertainment area is looking a bit dull, this item will automatically create a sophistication that will complement any room! It is a promising purchase that will automatically transform the appearance of your entertainment area.


4. Reindeer Hide
A fur rug has always been seen as a sign of luxury. This beautiful reindeer hide from Lapland is a natural product that has not been altered in any way! This stunning rug would be great under your coffee table and will keep your feet nice and warm in winter! Matching pillows for the couch are also available.


5. Lamp- Metal Lace


This is a perfect decoration for either your bedside table or even on the TV cabinet! This lamp will add a natural warmth and texture with its timber-like tones. The Metal Lace lamp is both stunning and durable.


6. Miro Vase Low Grey
Vases are beautiful decorations and have been seen that way for centuries. The Miro vase uses contemporary colouring with a traditional design to create this masterpiece. It is a perfect centrepiece for your coffee table.

 7. Sea shell Coral


Add some of the coastal beauty that Australia is known for to your home. This statement piece is perfect to compliment your TV cabinet. It is a beautiful piece that will compliment any home!

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