The Top Five Ways to Accessorise Your Home For the New Year!

December 20, 2014

Moss Furniture has a goal to ensure all spaces in your home are stylish and sophisticated. If you find your home or apartment is in a rut, then Moss Furniture has the answer for you. We have done the hard work to make your home styling easy, as we reveal the top five ways you can turn your home from drab to fab without changing the wall colours!

1. Are you sick of staring at a cold, stark, empty wall? Infuse it with warmth and sophistication by adding wall art. By adding the timeless piece “Summer Day” by Australian abstract artist, Sarah Brooke, you will have a bright colour palette to suit any modern space. An abstract art piece is a simple solution to a dull wall.



2. Glittering, gleaming, and glamorous, a beautiful mirror adds personality to any room. To enhance the warm, comfortable feeling of your wall piece we recommend the Sunburst Mirror, as the frame fills up any wall space nicely and adds a rustic and elegant look.


3. Have you ever wondered how to create a relaxing and dramatic look within your home? Professionals build layers of lighting to create interest, intrigue and variety. The Snow Egg Grey is a stunning lighting fixture that casts a beautiful shadow across the room when on and, doubles as an art piece when the lights are off. This is a modern look piece will make your living space stand out.

mirror 3

4. Personality is what makes a space great, and at Moss Furniture we recommend you check out our creative pieces in Object D’Art. Our Graceful Wire Vase in gold/black is the perfect addition to setting a fun vibe to your space. By incorporating this unexpected element you are creating drama and charisma to your home that have a “wow” effect.


5. Finally, you can never go wrong with incorporating a classic wall clock into your home. We recommend the Wall Clock Artistic, as it is large enough to make a statement, but subtle enough to not overpower the room. Wall clocks are a beautiful addition to adding an element of sophistication to your home.

Come visit us at Moss Furniture at Crows Nest, Sydney, and make your New Years resolution to turn your home from drab to fab with our beautiful home accessories.

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