Six Moss Furniture Christmas Gifts Ideas!

December 5, 2014

If you’re stuck trying to find a Christmas gift for those you love, then look no further than Moss Furniture! We have carefully selected elegant and affordable home accessory pieces that will be sure to impress your loved ones this Christmas!


1. Square Mantle Wristwatch


Time to get creative this Christmas with this interesting wristwatch-designed mantle clock. It’s a perfect addition to any productive homeowners’ desk or side table.


2. Curved Candle Holder
Designed to hold a tapered candle, this lovely curved candle stand will surely light up your loved one’s face on Christmas morning.

3. Small Coral Bowl


This delicate bowl is an inspiring gift for the nature-loving homeowner. The intricate detailing on the sculpture will add a soft, textural element to any living space.


4. Travel Back in Time
This antique-like clock is the perfect Christmas present for the vintage inspired decorator. They will appreciate the rustic, yet modern, character of this home accessory.

5. Small Sea Shell Coral


This silver embezzled seashell is an eloquent home accessory your significant other will adore this Christmas.


6. Flower Coral
You definitely can’t go wrong with this simple, elegant, blooming flower sculpture. It’s a beautiful, summery Christmas gift that will add character to any bland space.

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