Which Wall Art Best Reflects your Character?

November 19, 2014

The way a person accessories their home is a unique and creative expression of their identity and persona. Step into any person’s living space and their character is automatically reflected in their choice of home accessories and wall art.


Moss Furniture offers a diverse range of eccentric, scenic, and contemporary accessories and wall art that are sure to add character to any bland, lifeless room.


Whether you’re eccentric and daring, or creative and imaginative, you will be sure to find the right type of wall art that reflects your personality at Moss Furniture.


So which Moss Furniture wall art best reflects your style?


Creative and Imaginative


The entrancing and simplified abstractions of shape and colour in this Carnaby St Blue wall art will add a splash of artistic flare to the creative homeowner’s living space.


Eccentric and Daring


For those that are eccentric and daring, Moss Furniture’s Zebra Light Box is a striking and exciting piece of wall art that will spice up any dull entertainment room.

Calm and Composed


Express your inner-zen by hanging this serene wall art of the Morning Pier in your living space. The remote and isolated landscape emits an air of tranquility and will perfectly capture your composed nature.


Adventurous and free spirited


This Dynamic Wave wall art is the perfect decorative addition to any free spirit’s home space. Your guests can almost taste the salt water!

There you have it! What does your wall art preference say about you? To view the full range of wall art accessories available from Moss Furniture, visit our flagship store at Crows Nest, Sydney, or browse our collections online.

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