How To Liven Up Your Office With Moss Furniture’s Office Accessories!

November 19, 2014

If you’re one those people who easily loses drive and motivation in a dull workspace, then you might want to think about spicing up your office with some elaborate office accessories!


Luckily for you, Moss Furniture offers a range of contemporary and timeless offices accessories which can help re-invent and enhance the ambience of any workspace.


Get in the habit of multi-tasking with Moss Furniture’s Table Lamp Clock! You will never lose track of time or have a poorly dim room with this beautifully crafted office accessory!


That dying pot plant on your desk is as depressing as those long work hours! Liven up your office space with this Fiddle Leaf plant! The bright, glossy green leaves on this ‘land of the giants’ plant will look great on your desk and is easily maintainable.


Bring the feeling of summer into your office with these Floral Tea Lights! This freestanding office accessory is carefully crafted to look exactly like a floating flower. The flickering of the lights through the petals will bring an air of calm and tranquillity into your office.



Add shape and dimension to your office with this Wall of Squares piece. You no longer have to stare blankly at those washed out walls with this aesthetically beautiful office accessory.


Watch the hours trickle by (literally!) with Moss Furniture’s White SandHour Glass. The delicately crafted office accessory also comes in black sand and will be an intricate feature for your work desk.

To view the full range of home or office accessories available from Moss Furniture, visit our flagship store at Crows Nest, Sydney, or browse our website for our full collection.

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