Stylish and Function Outdoor Furniture Range in Sydney

November 5, 2014

Has Sydney’s erratic weather seen the destruction of your outdoor furniture? Have your outdoor couches been damaged by the winter rain? Are you looking for outdoor furniture in Sydney to help you revamp your outdoor space this summer?


With a goal to ensure that your outdoor spaces are just as stylish as your indoor rooms, Sydney-based store Moss Furniture has a vast range of outdoor furniture that boasts contemporary good looks and hardwearing appeal, leaving you spoiled for choice!


Made from only the highest quality materials such as stainless steel, Caesarstone®, glass, timber, polyurethane and marble, this ensures Moss Furniture’s pieces are waterproof, scratch and stain resistant so that they are fit to last and can withstand Sydney’s unpredictable weather patterns.


The large variety of tables and chairs at Moss Furniture can be suited to any courtyard, garden, balcony or outdoor setting. Our collection of tables, benches, chairs, stools, daybeds, sun lounges and more means that you can laze by the pool or watch the sun set in style this summer!


So if you’re looking for outdoor furniture in Sydney, look no further than Moss Furniture. Providing only the finest and most stylish, functional and comfortable outdoor furniture in Sydney, Moss Furniture can be ready to buy or custom made to suit your unique space.


To view the outdoor furniture range or for an obligation-free quote on any of our indoor or outdoor pieces, give us a call on (02) 9439 8112.

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