Get Your Home Summer Ready!

November 5, 2014

You’ve been ready for summer after the winter months, but what about your house? To help you get your home prepped and ready for the warmer seasons, we’ve got you sorted with the top five tips to get your home summer ready, thanks to Moss Furniture!


  1. Add Fresh Air

It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but after being cooped up in our homes with the windows locked and curtains drawn, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting what an open window is.


Open the windows to fill your home with natural scents and natural light this summer, or think about placing a few potted plants near windows to help filter the air. Don’t forget to have the air conditioner or a ceiling fan ready for the warmer days ahead.


  1. Refresh The Outdoor Furniture

With the harsh weather of winter, your outdoor furniture may have seen better days. Rinse off your outdoor furniture and replace with more durable fabrics, or invest in a new, weather-resistant outdoor setting or accessories to give your backyard a fresh facelift.


  1. Paint It White!

Take advantage of the cool spring breeze to give a few rooms a fresh coat of paint to ensure any moisture or water damage is taken care of. Paint your walls white for a fresh new look and give your home a contrast to the dark shades of winter.


  1. Get Decked Out!

Who said the backyard had to be just some grass and shade? Reinvent your deck by finding a great table and set of chairs for dining alfresco. Ditch the plastic and reward yourself with some luxury pieces with a matching quality to ensure they are treasured for years to come.


  1. Window Shading

Replace the heavy and thick winter curtains with a lighter material. These are useful in keeping out the strong heat whilst allowing the light to shine through. Install fly screen covers on your windows if you prefer to have the breeze soar through while keeping the nasty summer pests out!

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