October 27, 2014

The reality is that we can’t all live in mansions, castles or extravagant homes with unlimited space. Rather we need to focus our creative minds on trying to make the most of our small spaces without living in denial and feeling claustrophobic!


That’s why Moss Furniture is here to save you and shed some light on the six common mistakes to watch out for when decorating a smaller home.


1.Fighting Your Size

Face it, your home is small; but this is not necessarily a bad thing either! Great things come in small packages, right? The sooner you accept that you’re working with a small space, the sooner you’ll be on your way to transforming it into a small piece of heaven. Don’t overcrowd it with an oversized and unnecessary coffee table. Work to compliment your space and introduce a side table instead.


2.Interrupting Visual Flow

If your home has multiple small adjacent rooms, make the space feel larger by visually connecting the rooms by using a similar colour palette or overall style. This will help the space flow together like they are extensions of each other, rather than several small and disjointed areas.


3.Wasting Valuable Space

To make the most of your storage space, learn to see decorating potential in every space. For your kitchen, creatively hang utensils on your splashback to free up drawer space to store less-attractive pieces. If your bathroom is petite then maximise your closed storage space with a mirror cabinet – not only will it provide you with a place to store your necessities, but it will give the illusion of a bigger space too!


4.Spring Cleaning

If one lesson were to be learned from this season’s biggest animation ‘Frozen,’ it would be to ‘LET IT GO! LET IT GO!’


Evaluate your belongings, and if you find that you have not used it in recent months, it fails to function or has no significance to you – LET IT GO! Nothing cramps a small space more than useless objects taking up precious room.


5.Playing It Safe

Another mistake is to assume your home must be bland just because you don’t have the space for big statement furniture. Bring life to your space by incorporating bright colours and bold patterns in your accessories or wall colours. This will also create a focal point to distract the eye away from a lack of space.


6.Neglecting The Power Of A Mirror!

A must-do for all small spaces is to effectively use mirrors to double the space and reflect light into your room. Whether it’s on a cabinet, wardrobe, or more innovative areas such as a kitchen backsplash; when living with a shortage of space, a mirror will be your best friend!


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