Three Tips to Freshen Up Your Backyard

October 20, 2014

We’ve had a few hints of summer over the past couple of weeks.  The taste of warmer weather makes us all want to get outside and bask in the sun.  The question is how do we enjoy our backyards when we don’t have anywhere to lounge?


Your backyard is just as important as your living room, your dining room, your kitchen and your bedroom.  The backyard is somewhere that you entertain friends, where you cook, eat and even a place where you can nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


When it comes to improving your backyard to make it the place to be this summer, why not make your backyard the best it can be? Look no further! Take the advice from the Moss Furniture experts with the top three tips to freshen up your outside living area for the endless days of sunshine:


1.Buy Durable Furniture


The Australian sun can be harsh and unforgiving. With the cold, wet winters and burning summers, it is important to be sure that your outdoor furniture can survive the harsh conditions. The outdoor range of dining tables from Moss Furniture is one of the finest on the market. Caesarstone is stain, scratch and heat resistant, is easy to clean whilst giving your dining area a touch of elegance and sophistication.


2.Think Colour Tones


Choosing the right colours for the summer can enhance the bright summer tones or cool down for a modern and natural look. Moss Furniture’s outdoor collections are available in a wide range of colours with dining tables in modern tones of whites, greys, and browns. Moss Furniture also stocks dining chairs and accessories in red, orange, green and blue to brighten up and add a vibrant theme to any outdoor or indoor area.


3.Comfort As Well As Looks


Never sacrifice comfort for the sake of looks when it is possible to have both!  When we think of outdoor spaces, we think of good friends, yummy food, wonderful weather, and last but not least, relaxation.  You never want your furniture to be brittle, poking, or stiff.  Moss Furniture has the right designs to help you enjoy the great outdoors without losing style.  Despite our outdoor furniture’s high resistance to wear and tear, they are also designed for comfort. Come down to visit Moss Furniture’s store in Crows Nest to try them today.



Don’t skimp out on decorating your backyard, as Moss Furniture wants you to enjoy the sunshine this summer.  Moss Furniture is here to help you achieve your backyard dream space, contact them today to see the range of outdoor furniture.


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