Dining Table and Chairs

September 10, 2014

Moss Furniture are the leading indoor and outdoor furniture specialists in Sydney. With over 12 years of industry experience, they are the experts in selecting the right table and chairs for your home.


Finding the right table and chairs for your indoor and outdoor living area is important, as it is the heart of your space. The dining room table and chairs is are where meals are eaten together, the outdoor dining table and chairs where the family gathers on a Sunday afternoon.


The right dining table and chairs for your home isn’t just about the size and how many people it seats, but it is also important to consider the texture, the materials and colours. Not only should the table and dining chairs be practical, they should also reflect your home design and suit your lifestyle.


Let the home styling specialists at Moss Furniture help you with finding the perfect table and chairs for your home. Contact them today 02 9439 8112 or visit their website www.mossfurniture.com.au

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