5 Tips to a Good Spring Clean

September 10, 2014

With the blue skies and sunny days, it’s finally beginning to feel a lot more like spring. What more to get into the mood for spring than a good spring clean, preparing you for the summer months ahead.


1. Focus on One Area

Spread the clean out a little and focus on one particular area in your house per day, lightening the load of what you need to do.


2. Rejuvenate Your Home

Throw out what you don’t want, or anything that has worn down and replace it with fresh additions to your home. Rejuvenate your home this spring clean by purchasing an accessory item or a piece of furniture from Moss Furniture. This can create a different mood in your home and give it the new fresh feeling for Spring.


3. Make it Fun, Stay Positive!

Don’t feel defeated as a result of the amount of work ahead of you! Make the job fun, do an area per day and blast some of your favourite tunes. Reward yourself after each task. Take breaks and enjoy it rather than seeing it as a ‘chore’!


4. Clear the Clutter and Organize your Home!

One of the most important things to do during a spring clean is to clear the clutter in your home and therefore organize it. Get rid of things you no longer need, through garage sales, council clean ups or sending unneeded items off to relatives that want them. You can even donate them to your local charity! Box up items you no longer need or use and learn to get rid of clutter by letting go of things you no longer use.


5. Lighten the Load, get the Family Involved!

Get your family and friends involved! No matter how little they do, it will still make a difference. Use it as a bonding activity and have a nice rewarding activity such as a good meal or movie that follows.

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