Styling Tips for Your Lounge Room

July 21, 2014

X Tips for Styling Your Lounge Room

Living/Lounge Room Decorating Tips

The lounge room is one of the most used spaces in your home. Not only is it a place of relaxation, it’s also where you’ll spend the majority of your recreational time. Imagine coming home to an immaculately decorated lounge room after a long hard day at work, it’ll take all the stress away. Building the perfect lounge room is more than just arranging furniture in the ideal position, it’s about creating an experience within your home.


The most important thing to consider when styling your lounge room is to plan ahead and develop a theme. Examine photos of stylish lounge rooms and you’ll see that everything looks “in place” as if they were all handpicked to complete a master plan design. Sometimes interior styling can be a game of mix-and-match, but nothing is worse than the feeling of buying a set of furniture only to have it look out of place with the rest of your home. Choosing the right furniture and materials becomes much easier when you build your lounge room to a theme. Deciding on a theme doesn’t have to be complicated; it could be as easy as deciding to use black and white as the main colours or using rustic oak furniture. It could be very beneficial to learn the different styles and types of furniture, such as modern, art deco, Elizabethan and others to see how they fit together and how they are themed.


Once you decide on a theme, it’s time to select the colours and textures you will use in your lounge room. If you aren’t familiar with matching colours or textures, it’s a good idea to research some inspiration and adapt it to your own home. Home styling magazines are a great resource, often showcasing the latest trends in style. Choosing the right colours is part theory and part experience. Learning some basic colour theory goes a long way and as you continue to use these skills, they will improve over time.


People often overlook the importance of texture in interior styling. Black and white rooms are visually very striking and give a feeling of cleanliness and sophistication. However, introduce a warm fluffy rug into the room and suddenly you get a feeling of warmth and comfort. Your lounge room is supposed to be used frequently, so you want to feel as good as it looks.


Your floor is a crucial part of any room, therefore careful consideration must be taken into account in order to compliment the rest of the room. While a floor is replaceable, it is a huge job and it would be much easier to work with what you have than to completely replace it. Timber flooring works great with neutral colours such as light beige, white or muted browns and greys. The timber floor itself would be a showpiece of the room and placing flashy furniture on top will create a conflict between the furniture and floor. With a white or other solid colour floor there might be more room for a bit of creativity.


To complete your lounge room styling, don’t forget to choose the right lights. Consider the design of your lights and also how the actual lighting will affect your room. Floor lamps will look and function much differently to ceiling lights. You can also add a bit of flash and flair into your lounge room with a fancy chandelier.


Styling and decorating your own lounge room can be a daunting task. Use these tips to avoid the awful feeling of buying the wrong furniture, or having a room that doesn’t seem to “work”. Remember that the lounge room is a space for relaxation and recreation so it should feel and function as good as it looks.

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